Why be A Bookkeeper? In fact, Why not?

Why be A Bookkeeper?  In fact, Why not?

In 2019 there were close to 20,000 new businesses registered with the CRO. Behind every great business is a great bookkeeper, so the prospects have never been better for our sector. Let’s have a look at why you would want to be a bookkeeper in Ireland today.

Local jobs

Bookkeepers are in demand in every county across the country. As of today’s date (mid Aug 2020) there are 81 posts on Jobs.ie from the cities to the smallest villages.

Family Friendly

The bookkeeper is at the heart of a business and often works closely with or is part of the management team. The trust built up in this relationship allows for flexibility around hours, location of work and timing of hours worked.

Well paid

A bookkeeper’s pay depends on their training, qualifications and experience. Those roles on Jobs.ie offer everything from €28,000 at entry to €45,000 with experience. With Bookkeepers in such high demand, job posts are using phrases like ‘excellent package’ and ‘negotiable terms’ and ‘flexible hours.’

The time has never been better to become or return to a career in bookkeeping and we have 3 key tips for you:

1. Get experience and qualifications – Upskill at every opportunity, especially in the area of software and automation.

2. Know your value – Research the recruitment sites for similar roles

3. State your terms – Be ready to negotiate on flexibility, remote working and pay scale